At Newport Stair & Millwork, we take pride in uniting form and function to create design statements for personal residences and commercial buildings.

Working closely with discriminating architects, builders and homeowners, we will combine aesthetics, structural requirements and safety code considerations to construct a custom staircase for you.

This is the art of stair building.

Please contact us to discuss your next project.
c u s t o m    s t a i r c a s e s    a n d    w o o d w o r k
Andrew Fallon, owner of Newport Stair & Millwork has been woodworking and designing and building custom commercial and residential staircases and handrailings for over 35 years throughout the region.  He studied furniture design and construction at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Andrew has also been diving since 1978. He has extensive experience diving throughout the region and is an Instructor of Mixed Gas & Technical diving as well as an Open Water Instructor. Andrew also has been Commercial Diving for years and is involved with Search and Recovery, Military Underwater Operations, Fiber Optics, Evasive Maneuvers, Underwater Video and Salvage Work. He has dived numerous shipwrecks along the East Coast including German U-Boats and the Andrea Doria.

Newport Stair utilizes all of our craftsman's skills to overcome any of the obstacles that may hinder your project. We are problem solving professionals.  Our unique skill set allows us to work through all your design and engineering issues to complete your project successfully.
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